Restitution of enrichment by mistake – AstraZeneca recovers $2 million for candidate drugs mistakenly interpreted to be ‘Collaboration Compounds’

Robyn Trigg

In Astex Therapeutics v AstraZeneca, AstraZeneca were able to recover $2 million by way of restitution of enrichment for two milestone payments made to Astex by mistake under a collaboration agreement. Astex and AstraZeneca entered into an agreement to develop a BACE inhibitor for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  After expiry of the collaboration term, the Read More

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Can we have our money back please, Mister? Payment by mistake

Rainer Evers

The Court of Appeal has looked at payment by mistake. In Graham Leslie v Farrar Construction,Mr Leslie agreed to acquire building sites. He would pay Mr Farrar the “build costs” of developments on those sites, and the parties would split the subsequent sale proceeds 50:50. For a while, all went well. Mr Farrar sent Mr Read More

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