Best/reasonable endeavours

Reasonable endeavours: have you done enough?

Daniel Grimwood

In Minerva v Greenland, the court provides some useful pointers as to when a party has met an obligation to use reasonable endeavours to secure a particular outcome. Minerva sold a development site to Greenland. The sale agreement provided that if Minerva was successful in obtaining enhanced planning permission within a certain time, Greenland would pay Read More

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Reasonable endeavours to reach agreements with third parties: are they enforceable?

Samantha Holland

A clause undertaking to use all reasonable endeavours to make an agreement with a third party is enforceable (Astor Management v Atalaya Mining). Astor argued that two of the defendants had breached an undertaking to use “all reasonable endeavours” to obtain a debt facility. The defendants raised a number of arguments in defence, including that Read More

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